Investment Chart


Our broad range of experience means we can help you plan for the future and advise and
assist you at any stage of your business growth.


Financial Control

We deliver a customized solution that is set up to meet your particular needs, from the routine recording and compliance criteria to the strategic and Financial Control levels.


EXIT Strategy

The future exit plan of the promoters at this point of every start-up is a crucial concern. Although it might not be a short-term road, it is a necessary planning phase.


Account Management

With monthly or quarterly management accounts we keep your numbers up-to-date and provide analysis which allows you to make business decisions to help you GROW your business.


Business Start-Up

Startup procedures are crucial to a profitable enterprise. We will help you set up the framework of your business strategy, as well as help with your business plan.


Banking & Funding

We have expertise funding and knowing what is needed to excel in funding. We provide assistance in bringing such ways of investment such as crowd capital, venture investments and grants.


Corporate Restructuring

The first move in seeking a strategy for survival is to determine its ultimate profitability of the company if the extraordinary situations under which it finds itself are closed. We can help analyze this.


Buy/Sell a Business

We have expertise and we appreciate the feelings associated with making life-changing choices. We recognize the stress of certain decisions as well. Let us support you on the journey.